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Yacka Ridge Alpacas was set up in 1992 by Jolyon and Kerry Porter, with daughter Brittany now assisting. The farm is located on the banks of the River Torrens in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, less than one hour from the city of Adelaide, capital of South Australia.

Started with mainly black animals, we have now moved more towards quality white and light fawn animals in our herd. By concentrating on these major colour lines, we are free to on-sell any animals born outside these parameters to breeders interested in other colours such as browns and greys, along with any other animals excess to our breeding aims.


Our apologies, but, this year, our next on-farm open day will not be until sometime in late May or even early June.

We will post the date on this page as soon as we are able.

If you have an enquiry to purchase wethers, breeding males or females, please contact us direct to arrange an appointment.

We provide free, no obligation information for anyone considering entering the alpaca industry, or just looking for some guards, or pets for keeping down the grass.

We will have a selection of wethers and females penned for a hands on experience, with many of our 150 animals for sale in various price ranges. From bargain basement pets through to high end stud breeding stock. SPECIAL PRICES ON OLDER GIRLS THAT NO LONGER FIT OUR BREEDING GOALS.

We will also have balls of our own yarn ready for knitting, as well as clean, raw fleece in various colours suitable for hand spinning.

But you can't make it then to pay us a visit, have a look through our web pages and if you see something that takes your fancy, then by all means, give us a call or drop us an email. We are always happy to have a chat, or answer any questions you might have.

Our farm is located at 1609 Torrens Valley Road (4 Kms from Birdwood on the road to Mount Pleasant). Click on 'Yacka Ridge Map' to the left for a Google Map of our farm location.

Check out our 'Alpacas for Sale' pages for examples of what we have on offer. Note that not all animals for sale are currently listed, we have many more available. So, if you are looking for something specific, let us know and we will see if we can fill your requirements.

Just because you are unable to make it to our Open Days doesn't mean you can't give us a call to arrange a visit at some other time - (08) 8568 5254. Or, you can send us an enquiry via our 'Contact' button at left.

With approximately 160 animals on-farm, we have a selection of females, males and wethers of all colours for sale at most times, and are happy to assist any prospective purchasers with enquiries. We are also happy to assist any new breeders with information and assistance in making purchases, whether it be for breeding females, guardian wethers or pet "mowers".

We also have a number of certified 'Stud Males' of various colours available for matings at very competitive prices. So, if you have females in need of servicing, why not check out our stud males page for more details?

For more information you can send us an email by clicking on 'Contact' in the menu at left.

PHONE: (08) 8568 5254
MOB.: 0407 602 039